Flute Lesson No.59

05. Music

Due to being down with a cold at the beginning of the month, this was the first and last lesson of February.

I’m starting to practice a little articulation.

I seem to have a tendency to push the staccato, tenuto, accents, slurs, and especially the notes after the slur. If you don’t pull it off naturally, it’s not cool.

In order to handle these articulations properly, you must maintain a steady and appropriate amount and speed of breath.

I think this is also true for brass instruments, horns and trumpets. So I understand it well enough in my head, but it’s not easy to realize it on a new instrument, and I’m still having a hard time.

I’m planning to attend a couple of lessons in March.

Yes, I think I’m going to have to do a little Artes (flute instruction book). I haven’t pulled it out of the bookshelf in a while.