Flute Lesson No.58

05. Music


I was able to go home early today because of the seminar, so I had time from the time I got home until the lesson.

So I thought I’d wait and play with my MBA at the Doutor in front of the station, but I couldn’t connect to EMOBA and ended up having a hard time…

Now for the all-important lesson. Today was not good at all. I couldn’t make a sound. It might be because of the horn I started a few days ago.

We were going to have them look at a song where staccato comes into play, but they were too out of tune, so we went back to basic exercises. Staccato is impossible to do if your embouchure is not stable.

I don’t really have any flexibility in my lips or breath angle. Especially the angle of the breath. If you can’t control this freely, you can’t find the right point to hit the sound. In a way, I think it’s natural.

They’ve pointed out to me before that I should do the same kind of practice, but I’ve forgotten all about it… Being told the same thing over and over again is a sign that you’re really no good.

Since I’m even writing a diary like this, it might be a good idea to read back issues regularly, especially before a lesson.