Flute Lesson No.49

05. Musicflute

Yesterday, I went to my 49th flute lesson. It was raining and cold, so I drove there for a long time.

I was on a trip to France last week, so to be frank, I didn’t practice enough…. I’m sorry.

Even so, just going through it means a lot! I can’t help but feel sorry for myself.

As usual, the high notes are not so good. I’m not able to control my breath, which I’ve been warned about many times before, and I’m not able to do the basic of wind instruments, which is to blow consistently while supporting myself with my stomach after taking a breath.

Also, apparently, if you skimp on practice, you forget how to breathe fast.

I was clearly in no condition to go on, but the teacher must have been concerned that I was stumbling in the same place, so I moved on to the practice of the lowest notes, Do and Re.

He said the trick to make the bass sound is to point your face more forward and blow your breath downward at an angle. Of course, it doesn’t sound good at all, and I run out of breath quickly. I feel like I’ve hit another big wall.