Flute Lesson No.48

05. Musicflute

At his home.

This is the third time since my return. I had a bit of a blank, but I was practicing twice a week, so I was in good shape.

Last time, I learned that if you are ever aware of the angle of your breath, you can switch octaves nicely. Today, I went back to the beginning and asked him to fine-tune the angle of the instrument.

After all, the sound changes a lot when you have your form checked.

And then there’s the braces, which I can’t fix despite being warned about them many times already. I still use my upper body. It’s not like that with the horn… I need to be more conscious of it.

And that there is still a lot of breathing. This is also getting a little better, but still not very efficient.

It was another fast-paced 30 minutes today. The next one will be in two weeks.