Flute Lesson No.45


Flute 20100417-IMG_2942

I’ve been a bit busy with grain orchestra, so today I’ll be quick. (Sorry for using the same pictures…)

It was already the weekend and I didn’t have to force myself to do it, but I did because I knew I wouldn’t be able to practice without it. But the lesson was earlier than usual because of the teacher’s schedule. Even though I can come home early, I worked pretty hard today.

Honestly, it was no good at all. Practicing octaves. I can’t quite get the hang of it.

« Let’s go back to the drawing board and play some of the songs we did before. »

This was very good. I’ve been trying to play high notes too hard. I can relax when I play the previous simple tune which is not so high.

« Let’s try to remember what it feels like to be relaxed again. »