From France to Switzerland and back to France again – 2011 France Realtime No.15 – News

2011 France realtime

Yvoire 20110429-IMG_9652

29th, it’s almost the end of the trip. We went back and forth from « France to Switzerland to France » for the convenience of transportation, though we saw only France.

We visited three villages today.

1. Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval(シ・フェ・ラ・シュヴァル)

Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval 20110429-IMG_9500

2. Yvoire(イヴォワール)

Yvoire 20110429-IMG_9625

3. Lods(ロード)

Lods 20110430-IMG_9712

The first two are beautiful villages in Haute-Savoie, near Switzerland. It was not so far on the map, but the road from the first one to Yvoire on the shore of Lake Geneva from Cie-Fe-la-Cheval was a very steep drive as we had to cross a 1,700m high pass on the way.

In addition, the view was cut off and the scenery was very bleak, and to be honest, it was extremely boring.

On the other hand, the road from Yvoire to Rhode was an enjoyable drive with great scenery and weather.

The Road is a beautiful village about 40 minutes from Besançon, and the road leading to it is named « Route de Courbet ». When I was driving, I found the nameplate many times like the other day’s Grand Cru Road, but I thought « What is Courbet? I thought.

Anyway, this street is so beautiful…

By the way, I heard that Courbet was born in a town called « Ornans », and we passed through this very Ornans. It was a very beautiful city. I didn’t take any photos because I was driving, but I took a video and I’m looking forward to editing it later.

So, the lodging for the day is Besançon.