Fernand Léger Museum -2012 France and Spain

2012 Spain and France

Muse?e national Fernand Le?ger 20120509-IMG_8647

Date of visit: May 9, 2012

We will stay in Antibes, and the next day, on the 9th, we will continue our revenge tour of the museums of the Côte d’Azur in 2006.

First of all, we had breakfast at the hotel. It is a very French breakfast.

Antibes 20120509-IMG_8475

The hotel is really stylish here.

Antibes 20120509-IMG_8476

Antibes 20120509-IMG_8477

The main purpose of the day was the « Fernand Léger Museum », which is located in Biot, the next town to Antibes.

It’s very close to Antibes, where I stayed the night before, but the museum is not open early in the morning, so as usual I went back to the east side of Nice first thing in the morning and visited one of the beautiful villages.

The highways outside Nice are probably the most traveled of any French drive, so you can get almost anywhere without a map (laughs).

Now, after visiting the beautiful village, we went back to the west again and came to Biot.

I’m not going to give you any commentary on Fernand Léger, but yes, he’s kind of like Taro Okamoto (laughs).

Muse?e national Fernand Le?ger 20120509-IMG_8668

He is a painter whose colorful cubism is impressive.

The area around the museum is covered with his works. This is the side of the parking lot.

Muse?e national Fernand Le?ger 20120509-IMG_8645

Main entrance.

Muse?e national Fernand Le?ger 20120509-IMG_8647

And this is the back side of the courtyard.

Muse?e national Fernand Le?ger 20120509-IMG_8661

I visited this museum in 2006, but it was under renovation at that time and I couldn’t go inside. Like Picasso Museum, I finally got my wish to visit here on this trip.

This plaque at the entrance of the museum

Muse?e national Fernand Le?ger 20120509-IMG_8655

They’re all big names…

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos inside. The number of works was not so many, but I think it is a very satisfying collection for Leger fans.

It was around 12 o’clock when I finished looking around the museum. We decided to take a break and have lunch in the courtyard.

A plate of salad, omelet, prosciutto and a drink is included for 10 euros.

Muse?e national Fernand Le?ger 20120509-IMG_8665

We had a delicious meal on the terrace right next to this piece.

Muse?e national Fernand Le?ger 20120509-IMG_8651

In addition to Léger, the south of France is dotted with small but high-quality and impressive museums of painters such as Matisse, Chagall and Jean Cocteau.