Start driving, first from Paris city – 2011 France Realtime No.3

2011 France realtime

Gerberoy 20110418-IMG_4114

Local time: April 17, 2011

Today, we are going to rent a car and start our trip in earnest. It was a little difficult to rent a car at Montparnasse station, but we got a car safely. « Why an Opel? I don’t agree with it, but the performance is not bad.

All the settings are done somehow!


Drive through Paris for an hour or two. It’s a really nice day. And lots of people!


After that, we quickly change to a high speed train to start our tour of « the most beautiful villages in France ». We arrived at our first destination « La Roche-Guyon » in less than an hour from Paris.

La Roche-Guyon 20110417-IMG_3933

Then it took about 2 hours from here to the second village « Gerberoy ». It took more time than I expected….

Gerberoy 20110418-IMG_4045

I didn’t have any trouble getting a signal in the city and suburbs of Paris, but it started to be difficult to get a signal around here. I felt that it had started in earnest.

And we decided to stay in Rouen on this day (17th). We checked into a hotel behind Notre Dame Cathedral in Rouen.

Today (18th) we are going to visit beautiful villages in Normandy. Where shall we stay today…?