A photo of a city in northwestern Spain that’s kind of illustrative.

2012 Spain and Francephoto

Leo?n 20120517-IMG_2321

Oviedo 20120517-IMG_2269

I didn’t take this picture with any particular intention, and I didn’t Photoshop it, but it really looks like an illustration.

Oviedo 20120517-IMG_2184

Leo?n 20120517-IMG_2364

Both photos are of two cities, Leon and Oviedo, in northwest Spain.

Oviedo 20120517-IMG_2195

Oviedo 20120517-IMG_2267

Leo?n 20120517-IMG_2349

Especially the cathedral in Leon, it was very powerful.

Leo?n 20120517-IMG_2342

The contrast between the sky and the building, and the perfect balance between the two, may be the reason why it looks like an illustration.