Santorini No.1 Fly to Santorini Island from Athens -2012 Greece No.7

2012 Greece

Santorini 20121008-IMG_3816

After sightseeing in Athens, we will take a taxi from the hotel to Athens airport again. You will take an evening flight at 19:00 to Santorini Island.


But still, 45 minutes flight time, very close.

The formalities were completed quickly, so we had some time to spare. I’m waiting at the airport with a cup of Greek coffee.

I ordered an iced coffee because I didn’t know they had iced coffee, but it wasn’t drip coffee, it was just powdered coffee dissolved in water, and to be honest, it wasn’t very tasty (laughs).

The time passed while I was relaxing, and now it was time to board.

A short journey in the sky begins.

Well, I’ve flown many times, but this was the first time to fly within an hour. But this shortness was unexpectedly interesting.

(Here’s a picture of the plane on the way back.) It’s funny because the distance is so short that the plane’s fuselage is half the size of our departure and destination!

Also, there is at least a drink service, but no warm drinks at all because the level flight time is very short anyway.

And it’s also funny because the speed of payment is so fast that the CA looks so impatient!

I didn’t seem to have much time to think about my choice, so I reflexively ordered an orange juice. But I almost drank it in one gulp because I felt bad if I drank it too slowly (laughs)

So I didn’t have time to settle down at all, and before I knew it, the plane was ready to land and we arrived at Santorini Island in no time.

Then we took a taxi to the city of « Fira » where we stayed.

We have a reservation at this hotel.

It seems that cars are not allowed in the city, so the taxi driver said he would call to have us picked up at the entrance and gave us a confirmation.

Arriving at the entrance of the city. Here is where we arrived after being guided by a slim, tall, handsome man who had come to pick us up.

Santorini 20121008-IMG_3827

Mmm, that’s promising.

And here is the view of Santorini Fira at night from my room.

Santorini 20121008-IMG_3786

Wonderful! Can’t wait for it to lighten up!

By the way, we were the only guests in this hotel, probably because it was off-season… No, we have it all to ourselves!

Anyway, I was hungry, so as soon as I left my luggage, I headed out for a quick bite to eat.

In Athens, we had been to only casual places, so this night we decided to stretch our legs a bit and chose this nice restaurant.

Santorini 20121008-IMG_3801

We had a delicious dinner with Santorini wine which has a good reputation.

Santorini 20121008-IMG_3802

Santorini 20121008-IMG_3806

Santorini 20121008-IMG_3811

After dinner, we took a short walk around Fira at night.

Santorini 20121008-IMG_3815

Santorini 20121008-IMG_3793

As you would expect from a tourist destination, there were a lot of people even at about 9 pm.