Credit card and cash advance rates and fees: cash while traveling abroad -2012 France and Spain

2012 Spain and France

I’ve been shivering for the last month because of the credit card bills for travel.

Today is all about cash for travel.

Basically, credit cards are accepted everywhere in Europe, so I try to pay by card as much as possible, but even so, cash is fast, convenient, and perfect…

These days, I exclusively use credit card cash advances for local cash.

Now, the commission is very interesting, and I believe that it is much cheaper than exchanging money in Japan or at a local exchange office.

I did the calculations based on my credit card bill.

The « conversion rate, » « market rate, » « fees, » and « fee rate » for each of the cash advances I used on my main Citi card were as follows

Oops, by the way, the rate is Euroyen, of course.

  • 「換算レート」とは、実際にカード請求時に確定するレートのこと。つまり100ユーロのキャッシングをした場合、請求額は100ユーロ×換算レートとなるわけです。
  • 「市場レート」とは、為替市場で取引されているレートのことです。各項目の市場レートはカード請求の日時と同日のものをピックアップしています。
  • 「手数料」とは、「換算レート」と「市場レート」の差です。
  • 「手数料率」とは、「市場レート」に対する「手数料」の割合です。

I’ll take a rough average.




I wonder what kind of guidebook still says that traveler’s checks are good or something. I wonder if it’s true (laughs)

Please note that cash advances can only be used in countries where credit cards are widely accepted, of course.

By the way, it’s a small thing, but exchange rates are traded 24 hours a day, and the price changes, so the number changes depending on what point in time you take the value.

Since it would be too much to discuss in detail, I used the following data obtained from the following site under the following conditions.

Pacific Exchange Rate Service - Database Retrieval System
Pacific Exchange Rate Service: Current Exchange Rates; Database of Historical Exchange Rates; Canadian Dollar Services; Exchange Rate Economics; daily updated e...