Travel in Greece, mainland part 2 – from there

2012 Greece

The second day of our mainland trip begins in Meteora, central Greece. We came here from Athens the day before.

Meteora seems to be a « holy land » of sorts, with monasteries dotting the very distinctive cliffs.

If you like heights and cliffs, you’ll love this.

After that, I decided to move at once and go all the way to Olympia in the Peloponnese.

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It was only about 6 hours and the weather was nice, so I thought I could handle it.

The drive along the ocean was very nice.

The highlight is the bridge you pass over as you cross to the city of Patra in the Peloponnese!

But it’s a bit expensive at €13.2.

We arrived safely in Olympia before dusk, even though we had a leisurely lunch for about an hour on the way.