Carbohydrate Loading Part 1: Tour of Chocolatiers #Kyoto Marathon

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09. Sportskyoto marathon 2013

Chocolat 20130306-DSC03259

Direct training, such as running, is important for a marathon, but diet is another important factor.


Carbohydrate Loading is important right before the marathon!

Carbohydrate loading is a method of regulating the amount of exercise and nutritional intake to allow the body to store more glycogen than normal, which is used as energy for exercise in sports and other situations. It is also called glycogen loading.

Nowadays, it is recommended not to restrict carbohydrates, but to reduce the amount of exercise about one week before the competition (match) to reduce the consumption of glycogen, and to consume a large amount of carbohydrates three days before the competition to store glycogen in the body [1]. This is less stressful on the body and has less risk of adjustment.


This is also a great way to train.

Well, in short, « Why don’t you have a sweets festival? »

So, let’s get started!

Since the « Cake Training » has already started yesterday, the order of the training is back and forth, but I’d like to report on the « Chocolatier Tour » that we went on today as the first part of the training.

Today’s Training Menu

The following are the five training sessions I did today (touring chocolatiers).

  1. ショコラティエ パレ ド オール
  2. DEBAILLEUL ドゥバイヨル
  4. La Maison du Chocolat
  5. ベルギーチョコレート | ピエール・マルコリーニ(Pierre Marcolini)

I’ve only eaten two chocolates of each for now, but I’ll introduce them in the order I thought they were delicious.

No.5 Pierre Marcolini

Chocolat 20130306-IMG_5949

Chocolat 20130306-IMG_5817

The appearance is No.1, but I think the taste/quality was not the best among these. I’m not satisfied with this place somehow.

No. 4 Palais d’Or

Chocolat 20130306-IMG_5848

Chocolat 20130306-IMG_5824

It was very good, but with this lineup, this is where it ranks…. The other chocolates were even better than this.


Chocolat 20130306-IMG_5912

Chocolat 20130306-IMG_5901

Chocolat 20130306-IMG_5788

It was super delicious, albeit in this order.

The characteristic of this place is that when you start eating it, it seems normal. But after a while, when the chocolate starts to melt in your mouth, the wild but very noble chocolate aroma spreads in your mouth at once.

That feeling was incredibly refreshing.

In addition, I bought not only ganache but also chocolate board here.

Chocolat 20130306-IMG_5900

Chocolat 20130306-IMG_5879

There is something intriguing about a bar of chocolate.


Chocolat 20130306-IMG_5872

Chocolat 20130306-IMG_5759

Chocolat 20130306-IMG_5756

It was a bit solid and I honestly wasn’t expecting much, but I think it was the richest chocolate I bought today.

The appearance is lovely, but it is very masculine, and it was troubled which came first with CACAO SAMPAKA, but I made it the second place considering the gap that it was thicker than expected despite the appearance.

No.1 La Maison du Chocolat

Chocolat 20130306-IMG_5929

Chocolat 20130306-IMG_5806

Chocolat 20130306-IMG_5798

This is the undisputed number one! As soon as you put it in your mouth, the sensation of its noble and rich aroma wafting out at once is impressive.

This time I picked 10 of them one by one and had them packed in a small box. That alone costs over 3,000 yen….

It’s a taste that I’m used to eating when I’m waiting for my flight at Charles de Gaulle Airport, but I realized once again that Maison de Chocolat is amazing.