The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is finally coming to Japan in February!

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Alfa Romeo: Giulietta

Finally, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta will go on sale in Japan next month on February 4.

You can see it on the top page of AlfaRomeo’s Japanese website.

The number of unread articles of « Alfa Romeo » news in my Google Reader has increased at once.

I drove such a Giulietta in France last autumn before it landed in Japan for the first time!

Seillans 20111010-IMG_2415

Les Baux-de-Provence 20111011-IMG_2708

Montbrun-les-Bains 20111012-IMG_3154

I think I was really lucky.

Naturally, there was a manual car, « Alfa Romeo D.N.A. » which is a feature of Alfa Romeo these days.

Marseille 20111013-DSC02073

Of course, I think Japanese specification and European specification are a little bit different, but when I compare the driving comfort with my MiTo, I felt the response was slower than MiTo.

As for the front seat and the driver’s seat, I think it is not so different from MiTo. However, the back seat is still very wide. However, it is not so comfortable.

My mother said that the back seat is the worst…. Well, she usually drives a better car, so I guess she is right….

I guess the rather crucial difference is the trunk. That’s as big and convenient as it gets!

Tourtour 20111010-IMG_2425

Overall speaking, if you want to enjoy driving itself, MiTo may be better, but if you want to use it for leisure or share it with others, Giulietta is overwhelmingly better in terms of usability.