Almost the same, slightly to the west but two hours earlier – time difference story continued



A picture of the monitor taken on the plane on the way back, about two hours before arrival in Japan.

This day’s flight was delayed by an hour and a half in Paris, so the original 8am arrival time on Sunday the 14th became 9:30am….

If you look closely, you will see that the Current Time, i.e. the current time of the place you are flying is « 9:27 am », even though you are still flying at this position.

Yes, we’re still in the west and it’s the same time as our arrival in Japan.

In fact, Russia in the east, Vladivostok is a famous city, but the time here is UTC+11, that is, 11 hours earlier than Greenwich, and the time difference with Japan is 2 hours earlier. 世界時計 – 世界の時間と時差 より

It’s west of Japan, but the time is 2 hours ahead of Japan. It’s interesting.

What is the effect of being two hours ahead? The sunrise time and sunset time will be 2 hours earlier than before.



The idea of making the most of daylight hours is very European.

When you think about it, it seems like it would be too complicated and pointless to set the standard time according to the longitude, like Japan does with 135/15=9. However, in Japan, there are many opinions that stand out, such as the introduction of daylight saving time and the increase in overtime work due to the later sunset time when the standard time is changed. But in Japan, there are so many opinions like that….