Finally, we visited our 100th beautiful village! -2012 France and Spain Real Time Edition No.5

2012 Spain Realtime


It’s been three years since I started visiting the most beautiful villages in France. Today I finally reached the 100th place I’ve visited.

It was a beautiful morning in Clermont-Ferrand with sunny skies. After a short stroll around the city in the early morning, we went to the first beautiful village.


Here are some of the villages we visited. (I apologize for being a bit lazy)

95th location « Montpeyroux ».


We arrived in less than 30 minutes using the highway. I was in a good mood to climb the tall tower.

The 96th location « Saint-Floret ».


When we arrived, it was raining, but when we were leaving the village, it was sunny.

97th location « Usson ».


The road leading to the village was impressive.

98th location « Blesle ».


It was raining on and off when we came. We stayed longer than expected because it was so nice.

The 99th location « Lavaudieu ».


It seems to be a beautiful village that suddenly appears while going through a surprisingly narrow road.

100th location « Arlempdes ».


It was a beautiful village that suddenly appeared in the mountains. I was a little disappointed in the weather.