Finally, the pilgrimage begins -2012 France and Spain Real Time No.15

2012 Spain Realtime


This is actually the main part of the trip (lol). 540km from Barcelona in the morning, I came to Northern Spain.


Rent a car at Barcelona Sants station at 8am.



Yay! The Audi A1 is here, right on schedule! It’s my long awaited Audi debut.

It’s an A1, so it’s the smallest class of Audi, but still, as expected of Audi, the driving is totally different! Just by stepping on the gas pedal a little…

So I think I was able to drive over 500km much more easily than I thought I would.

The pilgrimage tour starts from « Puente la Reina » on the way of the Spanish route.


Then there’s Estella.


We stayed at « Logroño » for the day.


On the way to these towns, we also visited some small towns on the pilgrimage route.

To be honest, unlike the tour of beautiful villages, the route is easy to understand, but the scale of the town is several times larger than the beautiful villages, and it is the first time to try, so I do not know what kind of pace to go sightseeing.

There is some confusion, but in any case, the time is limited and the long drive continues all the time, so there is no time to get lost.

The car was really good and saved me a lot of time.