Departure at Narita Airport -2012 France and Spain Real Time Edition No.1

2012 Spain Realtime

Now it’s finally time to start this year’s Golden Week trip. This year, I had to work at the beginning of May, so I started later than usual.

Still, I’ll be traveling for 17 days, plenty of time!

I left Tokyo Station at 19:00 and arrived at Narita at 20:00.

This is actually my first time leaving on a night flight.

The airport is quite empty at night.

By the way, I’m borrowing MiFi again this time, of course.

Please click here to see why.

MiFIレンタル「ヨーロッパ周遊プラン」を申し込んだら電話が… グローバルデータさんの素晴らしい対応に感謝 | my lifelog

I’ll be able to get in in about 15 more minutes?

I’ll try to update the blog from the site as much as possible like this.