Finally, the night before departure, I arrived in Nagoya.

2011 France realtime


Now it’s time for me to leave tomorrow. I’m leaving from Nagoya because of the earthquake.

Because of this situation, I decided to stay in Nagoya for the night, so I’m writing this diary in Nagoya.

But the truth is.

Because…. The Narita flight will be back to normal from tomorrow….

This release was the day before yesterday, so I won’t be able to make it (tears). I left the big trunk at the hotel where I am now…. (The one in the photo at the beginning)

This one is flashy and has a lot of stuff on it, so it stands out and is easy to find (laughs).

Tomorrow I wake up at 6:30. We will go to Paris in the evening via Frankfurt. After a night in Paris, we will rent a car at Montparnasse station. We will start this trip with a drive to Paris for the first time in 5 years.