Easy payment! I got a traffic ticket at France part 2-2012 France and Spain

2012 Spain and FranceEuropean traffic violation


First, go to this site↓

Site officiel unique de télépaiement | Amendes.gouv.fr
Seul site gouvernemental de paiement en ligne des amendes émises par les autorités françaises et comportant une référence de télépaiement.

There is a proper English version! This is very helpful for foreigners.

After that, you can easily reach the payment by clicking on the appropriate place and entering the information if necessary.

The help part is also easy to understand with pop-ups as you can see.

If you’re this polite, you’ll know right away which number to enter in the notification you’ve been sent.

So you just need to enter the numbers in this section.

Continue to the screen like this. It looks like you can pay by card for now.

The paper they sent me had all sorts of prices on it, but it already showed me exactly how much I’d have to pay!

So, I chose to pay in full and moved on. It seems that almost all the required fields are automatically filled in, and all you have to do is enter your card information. It’s really convenient and easy to understand!

If you can enter your card information without any problem, the procedure is finished!

Unlike in Spain, it was very easy just to have English, and above all, I was impressed with the system itself.

I really wonder why this kind of system is not realized in Japan.