Announcement] I’m going to participate in Super Mom-chari Grand Prix!

09. Sportscycling

At the foot of Mt. Fuji, where the cold wind blows in the middle of winter. ・・・・

Japan’s 2012 begins with a mamachari!

World Championship for the common man

Super mamachari Grand Prix to surpass F1

After the race, we will demonstrate the full throttle running of Japan’s highest category « Formula Nippon ».

See, hear, and feel the latest formula machines and professional drivers.

We invite you to experience the « real thing » and enjoy the true form of the circuit.


This is coming out. What a stupid plan….

The rules of the final, it seems, are like this.

(1) The starting grid is determined by the order of motivation!

(2) 7-hour endurance race between teams starting on a grid.

(3) There is no rule on the minimum number of laps. Each team may decide at its own discretion.

(4) Except in the case of fainting, a rider must not retire for any other reason.